CLINCHED FLARES, what can we say that you don't already know, the guys from Clinched have entrusted us to supply the demand for the UK scene for the ultimate in simple car modification, the bolt on universal flare.

Made from high-grade 3mm ABS plastics during production. Unlike fibreglass and other materials, ABS is easy-to-paint and heat- and impact-resistant. The plastic provides superior ruggedness and refined fit without any weight penalty, they come in a range of styles, profiles and sizes 
to suit the look you want, from Euro, slider to the all new Muscle car style and design.

In addition to the fender flares, Clinched offer a small but unique range of wide body kits, for, Audi; BMW, Ford, Lexus to name a few, that bring about augment ground dynamics for speed lovers. As a result, you get the improved aerodynamics required for your need for speed. They allow your car to slip through the air while enjoying new-found level of grip through those wide wheels and tyres you can run with our kits.
Perfect aerodynamics keeps a vehicle pressed against the pavement at higher speeds.

Power, performance, and thirst for speed are the factors that unite the customers of Clinched Flares.  We are a family of car enthusiasts, who diligently craft a variety of solutions for widening and design modifications.

Our bolt-on accessories allow for slight tweaks to or a complete transformation of your ride. Here you can buy universal fender flares, wide body kits ducktail spoilers, or hood vents for your car. 

all manufactured in high-quality and lightweight parts for a sportier, wider look without appearing overdone, 
for more details,get in-touch with us today 



  "This is a very small selection of universal fender flares, fitted to various vehicles"  

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