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We have been pretty quiet on the Ferrari front for a while now, and we cannot believe Mikael Persbrandt build with the Lights 2 Flag crew was way back in 2015, the time has just flown by, and contray to poular belief from the shores of the USA, Mikaels FerrarI 458 was the very first ever road going GT3 on the planet.

The statement for us at the time was to showcase what we could put together, the first ever road going Ferrari 458 GT3, and we got to work with a fantastic bunch of people to create a real show stopping 458 that still graces the swedish roads 5 years on.

Although we haven’t personally been involved in any other Ferrari 458 GT3 builds we have been supplying a lot of O.E.M race parts around the world, but with this next build we will be supplying parts for is going to be something very special.

There are a couple of 458 builds stateside, our personal favourite is the Gloss Black Gen 1 build owned by Rob Panlilio of Crooks & Castles, if ever you need to look at how a road going 458 GT3 should be put together this is the one, then there is David Uy build possibly the most popular Ferrari 458 GT3 on Instagram, this example is now owned by Danny Pak, TJ Hunt is the latest to build a street going GT3 458, which he put together for SEMA 2019, what we have noticed is all these builds have used old used race parts, which seems the way to go if you’re in the USA, but we are about to change all that, by doing it as it should be done.

There is nothing wrong with used race part, but most have taken a beating, or been repaired sometimes in its life, and you get good and bad repairs and when your fitting these parts to a 200k + Ferrari we personally prefer to fit brand new carbon fibre parts, and just so happens so does our customer Manny, straight out of the box we were on the same page with this build, all parts would have to be brand spanking new from Michelotto as it was going on to a late 458 with the ultimate factory spec, so only new parts would do for this build and another stipulation was not to mix and match the parts from Gen1 to Gen 2 … every part had to be Gen 2, which we believe will be a first for a road going 458.

With the parts on order it’s now just a waiting game, as the car gets striped down ready for its new clothes, but what we can do is ogle over the latest Gen 2 race going 458 GT3.

Check back for details on this build and follow our social media as and when this build takes shape.

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If you thought the ACR wide body aero kit for the Aston Martin Vantage could not get any better, you would be wrong, by popular demand and brand new for 2020 the aero kit is available in full carbon fibre, and it looks pretty spectacular.

The aero kit is available to order and as per the FRP kit you get the following parts:

Front Bumper, front splitter, wider front fenders, side skirts, wider rear fenders, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear ducktail, vented V12 style bonnet.

We offer a supply only or if you are local offer a full fitting and painting service, like we do on all of our products, so get in contact for more details.

So if you own an Aston Martin Vantage from 2005 up to 2017 and want to enhance it with some beautiful manufactured carbon fibre parts, or would like to order the vented bonnet or rear ducktail spoiler, or fancy fitting a set of our superlight weight magnesium wheels then get in touch.

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The Nissan GTR has been a huge part of our aero line for the last few years, dating back to 2012 when we constructed what must have been one of the very first carbon fibre wide body GTR packages, fitted with 13x21 forged 3 piece VAD VF1 wheels 345/25R21 tyres, Meister coilover suspension, all finished off with 680 HP engine upgrade and titanium exhaust, we certainly arrived in style even if we do say so ourselves.

The VAD Wide Body Nissan GTR

Various builds of the VAD Wide Body GTR

As soon as that particular GTR hit the streets it sold almost straight away, in 2013 we constructed a second Carbon fibre wide body GTR, this time round we painted it purple, it was around this time we parted company with the Wellingborough body shop as that GTR again found a new owner, over the last few years we have honed the parts and grew the carbon range whilst adding a new wide body aero pack in the form of our favourite GT3 style, the style that dates back to the 2013 / 2014, with the functional and aggressive vents that adorn most of the panels fitted to the GTR, this for us is the ultimate GTR and we have most parts available in carbon fibre as well as woven roving with is a cloth based fibre glass, which is a super light and super strong material that is a cheaper option than the carbon fibre material that the kit is available in.

As well as the main aero panels, we also have a few race options that we have listed as extras, with all of the race parts they are only available in carbon fibre.

Replace carbon fibre roof, front bumper canards, Vented GT3 style bonnet, light weight GT3 Style boot lid with rear wing assembly, supports, wing & end plates, light weight carbon doors with quick release hinges.

To ass to our GTR line up we have a range of super lightweight magnesium wheels in 18” 19” & 20” sizes in 1, 2 & 3 piece with a super hybrid carbon fibre barrelled, magnesium centre 2-piece wheel.

Inconel exhaust and special coilover suspension from the JRZ stable ..2020 may be the time we build another road going GTR, this one will be big and better than our previous builds … it’s time for the Ichiban GT3 VAD GTR

A selection of our road and race carbon fibre parts for the Nissan GTR, we are currently working on MY17 to MY20 Carbon Fibre parts for 2020 so get in touch for furthe rdetails of our ever expanding range for Nissans finest.

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