A few weeks back just before the global pandemic we broke the news that we would be collaborating on a Ferrari 458 GT3 build that was happening in Miami with our customer and good friend Manny and his imprecable vision of a Gen 2 GT3 street build, he seen all the rest and believes he can build a better example and after seeing his work, we believe this is going to be one very special GT3 street build.

The 458 is one of the prettiest cars ever produced, it really is stunning from every viewing point, but in the GT3 race version look it enhances that beauty further, it really is a special looking GT race car, possibly the prettiest GT3 car of all time, apart from the BMW Z4 of course, but we would say that as we are building one, but we can appreciate the 458 GT3 more than most after building one back in 2015 with our Scandinavian Partners Lights 2 Flag, it’s a car you have to see up close and personal to appreciate what the GT3 styling does to a standard 458 in every detail, and Many is going all out with this build, he is leaving no stone unturned with the interior also coming in for some very special Manny treatment.

Every single Ferrari 458 GT3 build that has been put together in the USA has been done so using used race parts, now there is nothing wrong with that, our own Z4 has an Authentic used race kit, but Manny didnt want used, he wanted new parts which is exactly what he is getting, Front bumper, front splitter, front vented fenders, rear bumper, rear over fenders, rear diffuser, rear wing, door mirrors with glass along with the arch liners with the hood also on order, after deciding at a later date that the front hood was an absolute must have part on the conversion and we would have to agree.

This is one build that we have been looking forward to after getting derailed by the global pandemic which put this build back 4 months, but after receiving the parts the enthusiasm and excitement has just reignited, Manny is about to light up the Ferrari 458 game with the most authentic GT3 street build there has been to date ... disagree, show us another.

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Updated: Jun 12

Doesn’t seem that long ago when Iby was putting this beauty together, but the time has come for him to sell his pride and joy, concentrating on finishing the Datsun 208ZX V8 Turbo Build he is also doing and he ten tells me he is chilling out, but knowing Iby as well as I do, I will be amazed if he actually manages to sit still and not get that wide body itch he just has to scratch.

So the 1 of 1 in the Uk, Porsche 997 GT3R Turbo is up for sale, so let’s look at the spec of this ratger special Porsche and what you get for the Money.

Porsche 997 GT3R R13 Turbo Street 1 of 1 UK R13 GT3R Street, Built on a 997 Turbo Chassis. Original Porsche base colour is Basalt black metallic, which has been wrapped in Avery Carmine gloss red, with custom Matt Black and Nardo Grey stripes, comes with all of the usual high spec 997 Turbo refinements, interior is finished in black leather with black alcantara headlining. Carbon Fibre R13 GT3R aero kit consisting of: Front Bumper, front bumper grill set, bumper canards, front floor with separate front splitter, front fenders with top cooling vents, side skirts, rear quarter panels, rear bumper, rear bumper side cooling vents, rear diffuser with strakes, GT3 rear engine cover and wing assembly, fitted with an aero fuel filler. Engine Specification: Mezger 997 turbo engine with lots of bespoke tuning parts, Markski tuned ecu, Hybrid large billet turbo's, Performance manifolds, Titanium manifold studs, 1100cc Bosch injectors, NGK platinum plugs, 4 Bar fuel pressure regulator, 4 Bar Map sensor, GT3 82mm Throttle body, DO88 large plenum, DO88 large intake pipes, BMC air filter, Forge diverter valves, Markski tuning 4.5" race intercoolers, Markski competition Y pipe, Sharkwerks stainless steel water pipe elbows, Torque Solutions water pipe tube fittings (welded), Hoses and crossover pipes replaced. Fitted with a Sachs performance clutch, with the best configuration of Getrag 6 speed manual transmission. Suspension: Custom manufactured Bilstein PSS10 coilover built to GT3R Specification, with Bilstein drop links on the front with Eibach anti roll bars front & rear, oem race GT3 top mounts ( Front & Rear ) GT3R lower control arms (Front & Rear), GT3R adjustable caster arms ( Front & Rear ) GT3R Adjustable upper control arms (Rear), GT3R Toe adjustable control arms ( Rear) Exhaust system: Full Bespoke built custom centre exit stainless exhaust system Alloy Wheels: Bespoke forged wheels by Litespeed Racing, front size 10.5x19, rear size 14x19, 3 piece configuration with concave profile, with floating spoke, finish in matt & gloss black with gold hardware, fitted with Michelins Pilot Super Sports 255/35R19 & 345/30R19 front and rear respectively Priced at £95K ono Available for viewing in a few weeks by appointment only, the registration number not included in the sale, for further details please call Iby on 07977 423314 for further information.


It has been a while in the making but as we always say at VAD, perfection takes time and Total Car Concepts (TCC) have absolutely smashed this build out of the park, from the body work to the Switzer engine upgrade that sits up front, this is a serious track build that is also road legal … whoever said GT3 builds will not make good road cars, we beg to differ.

We have been involved with four different GT3 road going builds, Ferrari 458, Nissan GTR, Porsche 997 & our very own BMW Z4 with each and every one proving they don’t just look spectacular road cars, but they can also be used as daily transport, and TCC have yet again proved a Nissan GTR GT3 makes one hell of a machine, with epic race looks to match that blistering Switzer performance.

We met the TCC boys through their trials and tribulations dealing with the criminal activities of Dominik Bahn and his despicable company Carbostuff Engineering, Kevin had issues dealing with Dominik Bahn, but as History shows Kevin was just caught up with a fraud specialist, but luckily Kevin and the TCC crew didn’t lose too much money and we came to the part to assist with some of the carbon race parts they were in need of, and they have also reciprocated helping us source various parts for our GTR parts line up, which has been invaluable.

So on to the build and what updates have been done since we last featured this wonderful GTR back in September 2019, well the main upgrade is it’s been painted, and we are glad to see that colour is white as its suits and shows up all of the wonderful GT3 details and how deceptively wide this aero pack is.

To enhance the GT3 style, TCC have adapted their own centre lock wheel set up keeping the 4WD set up, but using the 13x18 GT3 forged 1 piece Monoblock wheels, its details like this that we absolutely love, with the added bonus of sitting on a bespoke JRZ coilover suspension set up.

To recap on the engine side of this build, it’s been meticulously put together and the spec is mouth-watering and they offer this conversion, which also happens to be the most popular.

About The P800 Package:

Godzilla lives up to its name when it’s transformed into one of Switzer’s P800 R35 GTR models! Switzer’s P800 GTR is one of the most popular R35 GTR tuning programs in the industry, and with 100's of P800's on the roads and tracks around the world it’s easy to see why. With predictable, linear power delivery and no lag penalty compared to stock, these 800 hp road cars are ready and able to chase down anything on the road, from exotic Italian supercars to some of the fastest street bikes around … without punishing their drivers. The Switzer P800 GTR Nissan is a serious pump-gas performer that remains smooth and reliable enough to drive all day, every day.

The P800 Features:

• Switzer ball-bearing turbocharger upgrades • High-pressure wastegate actuators • High-flow intake assembly • Switzer MONSTER intercoolers • Switzer high-flow test pipes (down pipes) • High-flow fuel injectors • Switzer fuel system upgrades • P800 Calibration • Switzer racing thermostat • New cooling fluid • New engine oil + filter • Airco refill

We have enjoyed being part of this very special build and we very much look forward to seeing the next chapter of this GTR GT3, once the global pandemic has retreated.

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