Yokohama Advan Wheel is a division of the Yokohama Rubber Company Japan.

Yokohama Advan Wheel Design was created to bring their advanced wheels to compliment the Yokohama tyre brand. Using several methods such as mold form forging, spin forging, and flow form casting, Yokohama -Advan wheels are one of the strongest and most reliable wheel brands from Japan. Yokohama Advan Wheel Design offers several different designs to meet each customer demand, style and taste. Manufactured in Japan to unrivaled quality standards.  Email us for details on this market leading brand.

Advan Racing RSDF Face
Advan Racing TCIII-Hyper-Silver-Face
Advan Racing TCIII-Hyper-Silver
Advan Racing TCIII
Advan Racing TCIII Face
Advan Racing RS-Gunmetal
Advan Racing RSII Hyper-Black
Advan Racing RGD_Gold
Advan Racing REIII Face
Advan Racing  RT Hyper Silver Face
Advan Racing  RT Hyper Silver
Advan Racing  RZ Face
Yokohama Advan
Advan GT Hyper Black
Yokohama Advan
Yokohama Advan Forged
Yokohama Advan
Advan Racing TCIII-Hyper-Silver Concave
Advan Racing GT Gold
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Y O K O H A M A   A D V A N    A L L O Y   W H E E L S  

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